The Safety Strong

A cane of surfcasting is a tool little spared by its environment. The corrosion of salt and the abrasion of sand are two inseparable factors of surfing. Our rods have been designed without any compromise! All our joints are adjusted with extreme precision. We do everything to avoid that the sand can be housed in micro spaces. You will also note the disappearance of metal reinforcement rings, this in order to avoid corrosion, glue wear and especially the accumulation of salt and sand, which can be easily found in the heart of the fitting. The ends of the elements of the CESIUM rods are reinforced by a high load of nano particles and bevelled to facilitate the cleaning of the sand. The tubular reel holders are mounted with the screw thread at the top. This arrangement is intended to facilitate the release of grains of sand and prevent their accumulation in the thread. It reduces wear and optimizes the life of this vital element of the cane. Mounted very precisely on the reactive nerve of the blank, the rings are varnished in the rules of the art. Applied in several layers, two-component varnishes provide the fisherman with total and lasting confidence.
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