Ergonomic Design

Ergonomic design optimizes the interaction between the fisherman's hand and the cane. It facilitates the use and improves the comfort for a gain of performances and real pleasure! The end of the heel is provided with a bulge which allows a better grip of the cane. A better hold ensures greater power at the time of the throw, and especially when it is necessary to shoot and then block at the end. This form is also more pleasant when the fishing conditions are harsh, and especially when the hands are numb by the cold. To nibble and dislodge the elements of a cane of surfcasting can be problematic, especially if the adjustments are of a great precision. The intermediate element and the scion of the canes are provided with trenches engraved in the carbon reinforcement. These trenches allow a better grip of the elements, and a greater firmness. Finally, the overall balance of our rods makes them extremely easy to use. They do not tire the fisherman, neither during the throw, nor during the long fishing sessions cane in hand.
Diamond Distribution