The CESIUM 425 R is designed for extreme fishing that requires exceptional casting distances. The power of the blank is adapted to throw both fast and powerful. The most violent commuters are cashed by this cane, either on the rotating drum or the fixed drum. The Fuji K ring arrangement allows two approaches: - For the fixed drum with diameters between 18 and 25/100. - For rotating drum with diameters between 25 and 45/100. Fishing at over 200 meters is possible with this model and weights of 150 g or more. The only constraint is to use baits both resistant and thin (such as miracle worms, cordelles or sandworms). As a versatile surfboard, the CESIUM 425 R is capable of spraying the usual distance standards but requires a technical level of throwing able to exploit the power. Whether to launch large baits behind pellets of 175 grams in the middle of winter, or to look for sea bream more than 150 meters from the edge, the CESIUM 425 R is the product adapted to extreme needs.

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