FUJI is the undisputed leader in the ring and cane mounting accessory. Our rods could not do without these rings, and we made the choice of an integral rise in SiC rings of type "K" or "Low Rider" according to the models. FUJI rings are known worldwide for their reliability, but also for their dynamic features. Carbide Silicon (SiC) rings are the best at the moment, both to ensure a perfect slip of nylon and to avoid the risk of abrasion associated with the use of braids. In the Diamond range, you have two different assemblies: one using the new "K Structure" innovation for the use of nylons with large diameters, and the other using the "Low Rider" rings intended for very thin lines or braids. These two different traffic cones also allow the ideal adaptation of rotating drums or fixed drums. Our rods give you access to the best of modern technology, without any compromise, and for unique results!
Diamond Distribution