The Microtip Sensing

We can not hope to be effective in all circumstances with a cane whose tip is not sensitive in all conditions. The MicroTip Sensing has something to surprise you ... The great technical difficulty imposed by the tips of the rods of surfcasting is to obtain a total versatility. It is thus very rare to obtain a perfect balance between the needs of casting power and sensitivity to the touch. Whether throwing heavy or light weights, fishing for three-meter waves or smooth seas, the tip of your cane has to adapt! The MicroTip Sensing offers this, ensuring a clear differentiation between the keys and the waves. Static rod or cane in hand, the presence of the fish is perfectly visible and noticeable. It is no longer possible to deceive you! Our rod tips are designed to be sensitive, but they make no concessions to power. Whether at the time of casting or when you bring the lead on the sand, your scion increases your tactile perception. It sends back the smallest information to the carbon that transmits it to you, playing with the Drive Line, another technical actor of our rods.
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